Saturday 10:00a to 12:30pm


EmpowHER: fitness + financial event
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Health + Wellness

Mini Day Retreat

Join us for an exciting day of empowerment at the SYNERGY CENTER in Scottsdale! This in-person event will bring together women from all walks of life to focus on two important aspects: fitness + finances.

After more than a decade of being burnt out while striving to get ahead, I knew it was time to work smarter rather than harder. I shifted my focus, established a team, leveraged resources, conducted market research, put the systems in place, began making an impact, crushing goals, and most importantly, HAVING FUN!

AND NOW... are looking to work with women who want to do the same!

We've combined our passion for fitness and finances in this mini day retreat designed to EMPOWHER! We will start with a fun dynamic 45 min yoga/hammock/aerial class with owners Dana Strang and Vivian Carias.

We will then move into a 30min presentation on the BEST Biohacking Business opportunity. while eating tasty organic snacks.

Come ready to sweat, and join a community with like-minded individuals who want to do something that creates an impact, fulfills purpose, and is fun. You CAN BE A CHANGE MAKER, FEEL AMAZING, and have an opportunity that gives you FREEDOM and CHOICE.